Music from Gavin Sinclair and the Mysterious Beings

Sitting 3A few songs by a chap who looks a bit like me. He is blessed with an ideal voice for writing books, but nobody else is lining up to sing the bloody things so it’s this or nothing. Those who think that the latter alternative would have been preferable have the comments section to point this out.

But first meet the boys in the band, The Mysterious Beings…

Guitar: Dee Sharpe
Drums: Kit Bashir
Keyboards: Gene Poole-Skimmings
Saxophone: Aldo Sachs
Bass: Juan Tusrifor

Special thanks to our fantastic roadies, Mike Cable and Ford Van Drijver

Get to know the boys better at our Meet the Band page

If you’re on a computer, our music is probably best enjoyed at our SoundCloud page, where you can look at a very nice picture of mountains on the Isle of Skye as you listen, thereby assuring a satisfying experience for at least one of the senses. However, in order to show off our website smarty-pants credentials, we have also enabled you to just scroll down this page.

Good Luck Eddie live at “The Office,” Conover, North Carolina

“The Office” is an intimate venue located in Conover’s hippest residential district, known to locals as Our House. (To get to it take a sharp left after “The Living Room.”) On this magical evening, a mainly canine crowd was treated to a vintage performance which some have compared* to the great Glenn Ponder and Debonair at their brilliant best, bursting with the raw energy that is instantly recognizable as coming from a bad singer and a cheap mike.

* – Or should have compared.




The advice I gave you above about “enjoying” our music at our SoundCloud page applies in spades here due to the fact that there’s a bit of fiddle magic from guest artist and friend of the band Beau Strokes, which goes well with that romantic island landscape. This is a very personal song, but is meant to be appropriate to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one, especially when gathered with others who also feel that loss. In fact. I think it would be best with three different people sharing the verses (probably none of them me) and everyone joining in on the chorus.





This one is just what it is. If you don’t like it, blame Tony Williams, without whose help with the guitar all this could have been avoided.



Most Beautiful of All

This one is dedicated firstly to my lovely wife and secondly to all the bozos I have had to work with and for.



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