Tales of the Slightly Odd

Tales of the Slightly Odd 3D HighTales of the Slightly Odd

Available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon

In this collection of (mostly) humorous stories, Augustus Gump takes us from Scotland to West Africa, by way of France and North Carolina. He pokes fun at Glasgow Rangers Football Club, the Scottish literary establishment, and a uniquely incompetent survivalist, while also tackling the slightly weightier topics of revenge and the struggle to give meaning to a senseless death.

In The Emperor’s New Kilt we meet an aspiring Edinburgh writer who stumbles upon the key to becoming a Scottish literary icon. It is a searing indictment of the Scottish literary establishment … well, actually it’s more a gentle send –up of its insularity and pretentiousness.

Set in revolutionary France, The Head and the Heart introduces us to a determinedly rational man of science, as he finds a macabre way to give meaning to a seemingly irrational fate.

The Blessing is a dark tale of revenge extracted by the seemingly powerless amid the brutality of a revolution in West Africa.

Zlobtnov Yorovonko is a bizarre tale of what might happen to a great football club if managed by a supporter of a rival team with an unusual sense of humor. As it turned out, the tale was strangely prophetic in a way nobody could have guessed. This story was turned into a minor motion picture.

In Y2K an ineffectual survivalist in North Carolina attempts to follow his neighbor’s example in preparing for the collapse of civilization, with disastrous results.

Read an excerpt from Y2K here.

This book is available as a Kindle e-book from Amazon only. You can find it here.

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