A Performance Bonus to Keir Murray of BBC Sport Scotland

10 Mar

It’s been a while since I handed out a performance bonus, but a well-deserved one is on its way to Keir Hardy at the BBC Sport Scotland website for an inspired post during the live commentary of the Scottish Premiership games this Saturday. It would have been so easy simply to state that the referee for the match between Kilmarnock and Hearts was Euan Norris, but so much less picturesque than …

“And the man at Rugby Park in tight shorts, clutching a whistle, able to run backwards and who can make grown men look like errant schoolboys, is grade one official Euan Norris.”

Most weeks I would be able to make the snide remark that this was a lot more entertaining than the huff and puff endeavours on the field of play, but the ensuing match actually tuned into an action-packed six goal thriller in which Killie came out on top 4-2.

This was not an isolated flash of brilliance. Mr. Murray played a stormer for the whole ninety minutes (or however long he was covering the afternoon’s action). When Hibs came back from two goals down to take a 3-2 lead against Motherwell, he painted the following vivid word picture of the Steelmens’ manager …

“Stuart McCall’s cheeks will be redder than his flowing locks after watching his side surrender their commanding lead.”

So much better than actually watching the game.


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