Whenever you’re ready, Scott Adams

16 Jan

You may have noticed a bit of a long gap between posts recently. This has absolutely nothing to do with my having been otherwise occupied in eating and drinking myself into a festive stupor from which I am only now emerging, bleary-eyed and muttering to myself, “Better do something about the bloody blog, I suppose.” No, the long silence is accounted for by my reluctance to tie up the internet while I wait for an email from Scott Adams.

I’m a big fan of Scott’s Dilbert cartoons. Imagine my excitement, then, on reading on his blog that during the week of December 16th to 20th he was planning to do a series of what he termed open interviews to promote his latest book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. He described the idea as follows:

“I’ll do the interviews in the priority order of biggest reach. So if no one but a high school newspaper asks for an interview, I’ll do it. For next week only, no media outlet is too small. I’ll do as many as I can fit into my schedule….My guess is that I’ll end up talking to just about everyone who asks. “

I immediately dashed off an email offering the services of my modest organ for spreading the word. I hit send and, breathless with eager anticipation, settled down to wait for his reply. After a day or two, my breathlessness eased. After a week, so did my eagerness, and I am now able to report that I no longer suffer from anticipation. It would seem that, in fact, some media outlets are indeed too small.

All this has left me feeling a bit like Alan Partridge, eagerly anticipating his interview with the elusive Roger Moore.

Knowing me, Augustus Gump, knowing you Scott Adams….aha!

I don’t blame Mr. Adams, and will not slap him with one of my written warnings. He has bigger fish to fry. Having said that, I have scoured the internet for the results of the interviews he conducted that week and come up empty-handed. Adams’ writing displays a fondness for numbered lists, so here are the possible reasons for this that I have identified.

1. He didn’t do any.
2. He did some, but they have not been very successful in spreading the word.
3. The google on my computer is broken.
4. I suck at searching for stuff.

I’m not offended, although a reply to my email would have been nice. Mr. Adams is a busy man, with a lot of simultaneous failing and succeeding to get through. And to be fair, an interview with the creator of Dilbert on my blog would obviously have been a bigger coup for me than for him, as well as a thrill for both my readers. Still, we might have had fun and spread the word a little bit.

No matter! I will continue as a Dilbert fan and, on the plus side, I don’t have to finish his new book. Between  you and me, I was finding it a bit hard-going.

Update: Since I wrote the above, I did actually find an interview that Mr. Adams did in fulfillment of his offer. I expect there are more out there. Clearly option 4 on my list above applies. Possibly also option 3.


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