A Performance Bonus for the Happy Hour Virus

25 Nov

A performance bonus, a hearty slap on the back and the key to the executive restroom for the creators of the Happy Hour Virus. Anxious to promote a healthy balance between work and time with family and friends, these out-of-the-box thinkers have come up with a fake virus, which will display the blue screen of death together with ominous looking text indicating that your computer has irretrievably crashed. It goes without saying that our old friend T. John Dick would not approve.

“Sorry, TJ – looks like I’ll have to wait for the IT folks to fix my computer before I can get back to work on that project you’re waiting for. Not much point in hanging around here until it’s fixed.” So it’s off to the pub for a couple of drinks with your friends, thus re-establishing that work-life equilibrium. Cheers!


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