Ask a Literary Giant

11 Nov

One aspect of life as a literary giant is that people tend to assume that you lead a fascinating life and have a wealth of interesting views to share on a wide variety of topics. I am pleased to be able to inform you that, at least in my case, this is actually true. Not only that, but in a characteristic display of generosity, I am willing to share some of my accumulated wisdom with you, the lucky readers.

With that in mind, I would like to introduce the latest feature of my website Ask a Literary Giant. Here you can ask me anything about my books, my life as a literary giant or anything else. Got a particularly thorny business or work related problem that requires outside the box thinking? Ask me about how T. John Dick would tackle it. Know someone who deserves a performance bonus or written warning?  Let me know. There is even a comment section, which I can see being used mostly by anyone who just wants to tell me how great I am.

So, don’t hold back. Head on over to Ask a Literary Giant and fire away.

Please. I’m going to look pretty stupid if nobody does.


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