A written warning to “The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.”

26 Sep

It is a peculiarity of the American mind to be willing to accept as fact any amount of vainglorious nonsense that is repeated often enough, without a hint of irony or embarrassment. Nowhere is this more glaring than in the description of the Senate as “the world’s greatest deliberative body.” Surely, you would think, even somebody who had never encountered any other deliberative body anywhere in the world would have a hard time accepting this.

Yesterday this august assembly spent almost an entire day listening to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas cover such topics as his colleagues’ haircuts and (inevitably) the parallels between Obamacare and the Nazis. At one point, he read from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. And because of the Senate’s absurd rules, nobody could shut him up. There is no Cruz control in the Senate.

I am maybe one of the few people in this country who has ever watched C-Span for more than five minutes. What the experience has taught me is that Senator Cruz’s performance may be only slightly below the normal standard of debate in the Senate. Few indeed are the eloquent, or even competent, speakers one would expect to find in “the world’s greatest deliberative body.”

And the ultimate irony – in comparing Obamacare to Green Eggs and Ham, Cruz demonstrated that he is not even capable of understanding the message of a book written for toddlers. As Senator Charles Schumer observed, “The moral of that story is to try things you may not like. If he tasted Green Eggs and Ham, he may actually like them.”


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