“The Rise and Fall of T. John Dick” nominated for prestigious Von Shorthausen Prize

15 Sep

TJ2 3D Cover Cleaned No ShadowA press release from publisher, Mainland Press:

It is with great pleasure and considerable pride that we announce that The Rise and Fall of T. John Dick by Augustus Gump has been short-listed for this year’s prestigious Von Shorthausen Prize for Literature. Our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Gump on this outstanding achievement, which cements his place as a literary giant.

Professor Von Shorthausen

Professor Von Shorthausen

The contest is run by Professor George Von Shorthausen, renowned literary critic and current occupant of the Chair of Literature at UC Barkeley. Professor Von Shorthausen is also a distinguished author in his own right, of whom it has been said that he is the equal of any in his breed in the quality of his literary output, which would enjoy much wider fame if he could be dissuaded from eating his manuscripts.

Since 2013, the Von Shorthausen Prize has been awarded annually to an outstanding work of fiction featuring a bloke with glasses on the cover. To guarantee impartiality, the nominating and judging committees remain anonymous during and after the competition. Thus protected from outside influences, the judges read through literally dozens of pages, often more, to arrive at their decision, which is announced on October 22nd each year.

The Chair of Literature at UC Barkeley

The Chair of Literature at UC Barkeley

Said Augustus Gump, “I’m deeply honored to have been nominated for such an important prize. George Von Shorthausen has always been a hero of mine. I’ve been lucky enough to meet him on several occasions and have been struck by his modest and unassuming personality, as well as his deep appreciation of the arts. Also, apart from his own work, he has never chewed a quality piece of literature and he has a prize named after him. If that doesn’t make him a crucial literary figure qualified to run a prestigious literary award, I don’t know what does.”

Asked about his chances of winning, Gump smiled wryly. “The competition will be tough, but you never know. Stranger things have happened.”


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