“Tales of the Slightly Odd” now available

27 Jul

Tales of the Slightly Odd 3D HighIf you recently felt a sudden gust of wind, which appeared to come out of nowhere, it was probably the literary world releasing the breath which it has been holding since July 18th.

That was when I broke the news, right here on this blog, of the upcoming release of my collection of short stories, Tales of the Slightly Odd. You may also have seen fireworks or, if you live in a part of the world where such things customarily signal a celebration, heard the discharge of small arms fire into the air.

Tales of the Slightly Odd has been available as a Kindle book on Amazon for a few days now. I delayed the announcement out of a desire to avoid upstaging Willie and Kate. Now that a decent interval has elapsed since wee Geordie finally arrived, I can proceed with the announcement…

Tales of the Slightly Odd is available here as a Kindle e-book. If you have a Kindle, you  owe it to yourself to get it for the derisory price of $2.99.

More details of the book are available at its page on this website.


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