Performance Bonus for Michael O’Leary

27 May

This performance bonus was prompted by the fact that Mrs Gump and the Gumplets recently took to the air. Perhaps the first video will make them feel better about the service they received on board. I like to think that T. John Dick himself would have come up with something like this if given the task of stimulating what Michael O’Leary of Ryanair calls “discretionary revenue.”

In the second video, you can hear Mr. O’Leary himself discussing some interesting ideas for raising this kind of revenue.You have to admit that he has a sense of humor, something not always easily preserved by his passengers.

Mr. O’Leary abandoned the idea of charging for toilet access once he realized it was likely to inhibit on-board drink sales.

I know there are many who would argue strongly against the award of this performance bonus. These people are known as passengers. However, he does give a great performance in the video, so a bonus it is.


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