Kindle Publishing as a Spectator Sport

18 May

One of the great things about having your books published as Kindle e-books is that you can watch the sales in real time. Every time another sucker fan of great literature enhances the quality and prestige of their virtual library by purchasing “The Management Secrets of T. John Dick” or “The Rise and Fall of T. John Dick,” the sale pops up on the reports page open on my computer.

It is all too easy to be drawn in to the drama and excitement of the spectacle, although as a sport, it is more akin to cricket than football in the the level of passion aroused and the pace at which it proceeds. In fact, it is sometimes more akin to those long periods when “rain stopped play,” and the players are inside the clubhouse enjoying a leisurely cup of tea. Nevertheless, you keep watching for those rare moments when somebody hits a six. Given that singles are more common than sixes in Kindleball as in cricket, it is important to celebrate these. This has a hidden benefit. By celebrating each sale with a beer, you are able to match the pace of your income from your writing to the pissing away of said income on booze, in accordance with the finest literary tradition, thus enhancing your credibility as a dissolute artist. Dissolution as a precise science – yet another first from Amazon.


One Response to “Kindle Publishing as a Spectator Sport”

  1. Tara October 20, 2017 at 6:08 pm #

    Make sure to ebook prematurely as the town might be busy and when you can’t deal with noise within the early hours,
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