The Wit and Wisdom of Kenny Shiels

12 May

Regular readers of this blog – if there are any of those – will know that one of the perks of being a giant, literary or otherwise, is that I get to straddle two continents like a modern day colossus. Thus, in addition to my status as one of the most important writers on the contemporary American literary scene, I maintain a keen interest in the work of Europe’s greatest thinkers. One of these is Kenny Shiels.

My interest in Shiels is sharpened by the fact that I am North Carolina’s most ardent supporter of Kilmarnock Football Club, of which he is manager. His musings on the Scottish game are always thought-provoking, so I am beginning a new regular feature, entitled “The Wit and Wisdom of Kenny Shiels.” (In fact, it’s not entirely new, since I have posted about the great man once before).

Today’s gem comes from his interview on BBC Scotland, following Killie’s 3-2 triumph over Dundee at Dens Park.

“We had seven kids on today and you have to say, they’re like goslings.”

Kenny goes on to say, “I’ve never been as happy to win a game of football as I was today, because they’re brave, these goslings. They get the ball, they express themselves and make mistakes – they’re inconsistent.”

I’m excited about next season, when we can look forward to a team that has matured into  inconsistent geese.


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