Edinburgh’s Tram Project – Is T. John Dick Involved?

28 Apr

A final written warning to Edinburgh city Council, authors of that metropolis’ tram project.

TJpic2There is no space here to go into the history of this atrociously mismanaged mess, which will end up costing the city almost a billion dollars, despite being scaled back to consist of just a fancy way to get to the airport. I’ll leave it to others to list the businesses forced to close, as work on the project shut streets for years, and to point out that the end result of all this will be to move vehicle traffic from large thoroughfares designed for the purpose onto smaller residential ones, while making it almost impossible to get from one side of the city to the other.

All this mismanagement is worthy of T. John Dick, but what makes me wonder if he was hired as a consultant is the design of the tram stops. These do not seem to have been conceived by anyone who has ever waited for public transport in Scotland, where the occasional wet and windy day has been observed over the years. I picture old TJ making the selection from a range of options placed before him by his most generous consultants Makem, Paimore and Lovett on a sunny spring day in Falling Rock, North Carolina, before adjourning for further intensive brainstorming at one of the area’s top restaurants – a venue at which he will no doubt have arrived in a big, fat, gas-guzzling American car.


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