A performance bonus to Amazon Reviewers (well, some of them)

11 Apr

No, I don’t mean those who have reviewed my books, although they clearly deserve a very hefty bonus indeed. I’m talking about the folks who review books like this one. The book being reviewed, “Birth Control is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!!” clearly has a lot to say. Otherwise there would not be two exclamation marks in the title, nor would it be written in all capital letters.

The Amazon review of books like this is emerging as a mini-genre in itself. And on the plus side for the author being lampooned, the tongue in cheek effusions of praise are often accompanied by five stars. I also suspect that this particular author, like other purveyors of the breathtakingly awful, is not burdened with a finely developed sense of irony. Otherwise, she could not have written what she did. She may well take the reviews at face value – in which case everyone is happy.


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