National Animal Video Week

11 Mar

There’s a “week” for just about everything these days, so the way I see it is, if I want to declare this to be the first annual Animal Video Week, I jolly well will. If you object, just be grateful that I’m not making it a month. March is National Umbrella Month, which is just as silly, and a lot less entertaining. It’s also National Athletic Training Month, American Red Cross Month, National Ethics Awareness Month, National Nutrition Month, National Social Work Month, National Irish-American Heritage Month, National Eye-Donor Month, National Optimism Month, Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month, Workplace Eye-Safety Month, National Craft Month, National Women’s History Month, Poison Prevention Awareness Month, Save Your Vision Month, Steroid Abuse Prevention Month and National Month Month.

So, henceforward, the third week in March is National Animal Video Week, assuming that I can be bothered. And to kick off this seven day feathers and fur fest, let’s look at a penguin.

If you have any suggestions for National Animal Video Week, please let me know as a comment.

Oh, and, of course, Cookie the penguin gets a performance bonus.


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