A Performance Bonus to Marie Osmond

3 Feb

A well-earned performance bonus to American songstress Marie Osmond for her visit to Rugby Park on Friday to say hello to the Kilmarnock FC fans who for many years have belted out her hit from 1973, “Paper Roses” from the stands.

As a devotee of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, one might have expected to see her in Perth, but she clearly has better taste when it comes to picking out which Scottish football team to support. What’s more, she does actually seem to support them, follow their results and watch them play. She was reportedly delighted by their 2-0 cup victory over Inverness, having received regular updates via twitter. She also has a thing for club stalwart and veteran midfielder Gary Hay. What red-blooded American female pop icon wouldn’t?

I expect we’ll see more of this in 2013 with Hollywood stars jumping on the bandwagon. It has long been rumored that Sylvester Stallone is a Cowdenbeath fan, and Meryl Streep often tells close friends of her dream to one day visit Dens Park.


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