Several written warnings to Rangers Football Club (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week)

7 Dec

A large pile of written warnings is sitting on my desk in connection with the refusal of Rangers to accept their ticket allocation for the Scottish Cup match against Dundee United in February, as part of a boycott of a team that they think “done them wrong” by voting against their admission to the SPL after their demise and resurrection as a new company. While the absence of Rangers fans will certainly raise the tone of any occasion, including this one, the aim of the boycott is not to spare the good citizens of Dundee, but rather to “punish” United financially for daring to disagree with their sense of entitlement. In fact, all the clubs believed that the new Rangers had no right to join, and the only reason they even considered the possibility was the fear of what their absence might mean financially.

To many it would have seemed impossible that Rangers and their fans could make themselves even more unpopular with the rest of Scottish football. For years, they have choked various message boards with their contempt for “diddy teams,” who didn’t really count, a term that applied to any non Old Firm team (themselves and Celtic). To them the sport consisted of their using their financial might to crush the competition by buying up their players. And with their insatiable greed, they constantly threatened to move to the English league – not that the English had shown any interest in having them. Now the “diddy teams” are showing there is more to the sport than money. The SPL is more competitive than in years, despite predictions that Celtic would run away with the title. And if there is less money about, it is forcing teams to develop young home-grown players, which can only be good for the national team.

Back to the written warnings. First warning goes to Charles Green, the carpetbagger currently in charge at Ibrox for generally behaving like an arse. If Rangers fans want to boycott the game, let them just not buy tickets, and return the unsold ones to Tannadice. Mr. Green also picks up a warning for hypocrisy, having tried to deprive United of £60,000 from a previous cup match.The rest of the warnings go to Rangers fans for being Rangers fans. A mildly worded verbal warning goes to Ally McCoist for going along with the nonsense, although one senses he is not particularly enthusiastic about it.


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