Language, Timothy

12 Nov

As well as being a literary giant and one of the most crucial voices on the contemporary arts scene, I do a little translation work. A side-effect of this is that most days my mailbox is full of applications from freelance translators, some of which fall short of what one might expect from practitioners of this particular trade. Here’s one I received recently.

“Dear Sir/Madam,,

I am pleased to respond to your announcement for work. Note that my qualifications match greatly with what in advertising. I have read about your company / institution, and that I have sufficient knowledge about production. And I am very interested in working for a company / enterprise engaged in marketing . , As well as on the big fame you as business owners.

As you will note in the attached CV, has worked three years In company / organization , In addition  I have studied English language for four years .

And inform you that I am a good knowledge of some software such as:  Microsoft word ,Excel ,PowerPoint and so on…”

…and so on. I am rather flattered about my big fame, so I’m going to award this applicant a performance bonus.

And a special performance bonus will be awarded to anyone who can tell me from what 1980s TV series, the headline of this post is taken.


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